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Gravitas Ventures is a leading all rights distributor of independent feature films and documentaries. The company also operates independent film SVOD streaming service Gravitas Movies. Founded in 2006 and led by Nolan Gallagher, Michael Murphy and Brendan Gallagher, Gravitas Ventures connects independent filmmakers and producers with distribution opportunities across the globe. Working with talented directors and producers, Gravitas Ventures has distributed thousands of films into over a hundred million homes in North America and over one billion homes worldwide. Gravitas Ventures releases over 400 new films annually and has a library of thousands of English-speaking titles. Gravitas Ventures has been one of the first companies to develop a global network of digital media partners and now has over 200 relationships with many of the key providers of transactional video on demand, subscription video on demand, electronic sell through, television broadcasting, and physical home media. Today’s distribution partners include Altice, Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, DISH, Fandango, Google, HBO, Hulu, Microsoft, Netflix, Redbox, Showtime, Sony, Starz, Verizon, Viacom, Vimeo and Vudu, amongst others.

An employee shared this in a review, "Gravitas is not a good place for work-life balance. Also not a good place to get in the digital entertainment business. Probably not the place for a long-term career, but great company to learn the ropes."


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IT field support Manager (Current Employee) says

"No focus on developing employees or managers. No mentorship. A simple 9-5 job with focus on simply doing the job and profits. Integrity seemed to not be as critical as making the sale. Cons: Lots of gaps"

Post harvest (Former Employee) says

"No advancement, no raises, and management does not care about its team where it matters. Passive aggressive yet dramatic work environment, employees not treated as adults, not great people to do business with."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for less than a year Cons: - Extreme micromanagement: manager will go through your text, email and messages - No flexibility and treat you like a kid: they would literally mark who is late just like high school - No privacy: they would give you a paper box to store your personal belongings, don’t expect a proper cabinet with lock that a normal office does - Very high turnover rate: the internal teams would proudly tell you the company is still hiring even the COVID-19 hits. But the truth is they need to find the replacements for all the leavers - No internal communication at all - Dull environment"

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for more than 5 years Cons: It is genuinely worse than a cult."

Former Employee - Recruitment Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for more than a year Cons: And now the Cons. 1. I am certain that the business model is constructed to attract new graduates who are hungry to earn money, and then treat them relatively unethically to exploit them of their hunger for company benefit. The graduates will either prove their value and get to stay until they realise the grass is greener elsewhere and leave, or get sacked because internal recruiters have found someone new to fill their place who might be better. Rinse and repeat. I think this is effective because younger workers are less exposed within industry and so are restricted by their lack of experience. You are very much led to believe that this work life is normal when it is not. I still find it hilarious that integrity is literally painted on the walls in the office. 2. The way that some managers teach and enforce recruitment practices is entirely unethical, and some practices should probably be illegal. On my first day I was taught to lie to 'gate keepers' (assistants and admin workers) to get through to more senior individuals within industry. We would send in weaker candidates to interviews to just have them reiterate the interview questions back to us, write them down, and then feed them to stronger candidates so they were more prepared (we literally had a database of interview questions from each of our clients). Candidates would constantly be belittled behind their backs, sometimes whilst they were on the phone. We would frequently lie about previous salaries of candidates to clients to make them more attractive. This does feed back into my previous point in that those who found the most success at gravitas were generally those who lied the most, not the ones who understood the industry well. 3. There was a distinct lack of actual technical industry understanding. The recruitment training is fine, but when it comes to actual IT, most recruiters have very little to no actual understanding of the terms that clients are looking for. For me, there was no technical training at all, which was crazy because you are expected to have professional technical conversations with clients and candidates; this was very stressful as it took me months before I had the slightest idea of how to hold a conversation. Just imagine being told to hire for a role in Spanish, that is how I can describe it, and you're pretty much expected to learn that stuff on your own just by picking up the phone and calling strangers. The very little support on this front that I got was the minor remarks from my managers when I asked them about concepts, which led to me being outright taught some things from seniority that were plain wrong. I think that the managers have come up with ideas in their heads of what the stuff they talk about day in and day out actually is, and then go with that rather than spending some time to learn it themselves. Unsurprisingly, I was penalised for searching up some key terms during my shift, "you're not allowed to learn here! just pick up the phone and dial!" 4. The level of care from managers downward to their staff was minimal, most if not all recruiters here are perceived as disposable. Any signs of care from my manager in particular was fake, I become aware of this in the months before my leave. During my time there I witnessed someone who had been in the company for around 5 years be fired because they had a rough time billing the previous few months, I thought this was particularly cut-throat as the employee who had been sacked deemed the manager as their friend. It was VERY common for someone who hadn't done a deal in a few months to get taken to the office only to come back get their coat and leave. 5 6 7..... I could really go on but I think the other reviews on this website covers the basics. I don't think the company will change soon and so my advice to any graduates approached by the company would be to avoid if they are not looking to devote their life and sanity towards a company that is in essence exploiting them. Any quick chat with a decent rec-to-rec will tell you about the reputation that Gravitas has made for itself within the recruitment market."

Former Employee - Recruitment Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for more than a year Cons: I have never worked for an organisation that de-values its employees to such a degree. Having worked within the recruitment industry for the last ten years across 3 other organisations, I understand what a healthy working environment is, and what a toxic work environment is, unfortunately I can confirm that Gravitas is the latter. A company that drives motivation through fear, you should expect to be pitted against your peers and ridiculed in MULTIPLE, DAILY meetings (3 a day to be exact) if you don't hit the ridiculously unrealistic KPI's. Here are a few things I wish I knew before joining: - It's an environment where 90% of employees live in constant fear of their job - I witnessed a senior member of staff tell a consultant that they should be fearful of their job security on a company night out in front of numerous other colleagues, putting the consultant under unmanageable levels of stress for this particular person and an extremely uncomfortable return to the office on Monday morning - There is a minimum requirement of sending 8 CVs per role, Gravitas claims to be a specialist agency yet they are asking their consultants to find 8 CVs to send to clients within 48hrs or your role gets passed to a different team??? I have seen clients respond with things like "Why are you sending me that many CVs, you are getting paid to quality control and find the best 2-3 candidates" No wonder recruitment companies get a bad rep. - Most managers are far too busy to manage - probably consumed by the consistent need of internal meetings to discuss KPIs on top of KPIs. Most are quick to criticise but never at their desk or available when you need constructive feedback. I was left to take initiative (which I was happy to do so) but then had to explain the reasoning behind my every move, every call etc and I was left consistently feeling like I couldn't do right for doing wrong. - Even though I came in as a senior consultant, there was a clear level of dis-trust from the management team displayed in the lack of flexible working and the point blank refusal to let new members of the team work from home despite the fact we are in the middle of a global pandemic? Ridiculous I could go on for days about absolutely cloak and dagger this business is, they are not one bit in the slightest transparent. Notice how there's been a few more positive reviews on here from current employees recently? That's internal management trying to counterbalance the honest reviews and the sky high staff turnover. They successfully hire grads and get a bit of longevity out of them because unfortunately grads don't know what a good, caring, honest recruitment company looks like. As an experienced consultant even I fell for the dream they sold me at interview stage, the reality is totally different unfortunately. I left this company mentally, physically and emotionally drained. I always advised my candidates and clients to take Glassdoor with a pinch of salt, there are a number of factors that contribute to somebody having a great experience and they are all very personal. I'm kicking myself now, if I'd of read the reviews for Gravitas prior to joining, maybe id of declined their offer, seems as though plenty of other recruiters have also left this place broken."

Former Employee - Recruitment Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time Cons: There is a reason Gravitas hire graduates almost exclusively, because anyone with experience in the working world knows this environment is not normal. The environment is horribly salesy and and very toxic. There is a 'lad' culture of constantly ripping each other, if you speak out you get told you need to be more chilled. Its honestly quite soul destroying. I had more breakdowns in my final 6 months here than in the last 6 years of my life. The management are highly unsupportive and expect this job to be your life, I was told that constantly crying in the toilet is completely normal in recruitment. The very common phrase anyone who joins gets told "The first year at gravitas will break you mentally, physically and emotionally" NOPE this is not normal and this is gaslighting. Horrible. I've sat next to the internal recruiters while they're on the phone selling graduates the dream which couldn't be further from the truth. Lets explore some lies: -AMAZING incentives to New York, Thailand etc. In 2019 3 out of 30 people in the Manchester office hit the yearly incentive, 2 of these 3 had already been before. Its just the same people. And they went to Iceland, exotic eh, gorg £50 return flight off easyjet -Flexibility. Nope you work 8-5:30 and set lunch from 1-2pm. You only get an extra half hour for lunch one day a week after a promotion. If you miss time for doctors/dentist appointments they make you diarise and make up for the time. Even though you basically work a 60 hour week and don't get paid overtime? Lol -£30K OTE first year. Well they only pay you £100 for your first 2 deals, which for most people takes 6-8 months to get their first deal. And the basic salary is £18K so you do the maths, £30K is literally unheard of and was never achieved by anyone in my time. -You get a rolex when you bill £400,000, only 1 person usually gets this a year. -Very few people get to travel between international offices -There is no bonus scheme, discounted gym membership, no flexible working, no private medical / dental, no free or subsidised travel. (Is everything on their ad a lie?) You get worked like a dog until you reach a complete breaking point, and the mental health support is next to none. In fact you get pay deducted if you have used your 5 sick days. As a grad you don't really know any better, working at Gravitas pushed me to my absolute limit. I came in a bright eyed graduate ready to work hard and take on the world, and I left a broken woman. If you are considering joining, I beg you, dont. There are a lot better companies out there"

Former Employee - Recruitment Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time Cons: Management need to undergo training on how to lead a team rather than dictate to them. I was left in tears multiple times after being spoken to inappropriately in front of HR believe it or not. Management also need to understand that being rude and condescending means you have no people skills and shouldn’t be left in a management position. An example of how rude management was: I witnessed a team manager tell one of his team “that she wasn’t nice to look at in the mornings and needed to put more effort into her appearance” she of course was in tears. Hours are crazy too. 7-7 is what you actually do. 8-5 is what’s advertised. If you do happen to leave at 5 there will be imminent threats to your job, and they will “subtly” hint that if you continue you won’t be here for long. They can’t fire you, obviously, they’ll make you quit."

Former Employee - Recruitment Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for less than a year Cons: Dear lord, I could literally write a scientific paper on the cons of joining this company. The company has the most outdated approach to recruitment, all quantity no quality. The basic wage is abysmally low and management then tell you that this should motivate you to work harder to earn more commission. There is this fear mongering attitude in the office where if you don't hit your daily KPIs (which by the way are astronomically high and completely unrealistic) you are rinsed by management. Additionally, KPIs are read out by management every morning in front of the whole sales floor in a daily 'name and shame' extraordinaire that causes consultants to become so desperate to win the 'numbers' game that they will spend all day doing lots of short, shoddy calls that ultimately get them no where and does nothing except annoy clients. You literally feel like a tiny cog in a large, amoral machine. Like a mosquito armed with 'the four Gravitas values and the constant fear of being sacked' trying to suck the blood of over contacted clients who see Gravitas consultants as 'rubbish recruiters' due to this 80s window salesman approach to winning new business. The four values (Respect, Integrity, Passion, Excellence) are plastered all over the office walls like Nazi propaganda. Respect and Integrity? Don't make me laugh! Management doesn't even respect their own employees who have basically zero work life balance with 10-12 hours spent in the office everyday! My manager once told me that "your first year in recruitment at Gravitas is supposed to break you physically, mentally and emotionally". Now take a step back and think about this statement like a rational human being with a shred of self respect. Does this sound healthy to you? Does it sound like an environment that you can thrive in? Does it sound like a company that values your being there or sees you as another soulless automaton who can make them a little money. You are constantly reminded that Gravitas have the 'best IT recruiters in the market', if this is true then surely employees should be paid and treated as such. Talking about is depression, suicide or debilitating mental health is a taboo subject in the office because apparently it causes negative energy in the workspace. Why do you think people want to talk about these things in the first place? This utter lack of empathy from senior management is despicable and reminiscent of a modern day sweatshop."

Former Employee - Java Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for less than a year Cons: All the management and seniors come from S3...Enough said. Long hours fear mongering from management and high volume call center style recruitment. Utterly horrible place to work. Very much a fearmongering workhouse. Where they threaten the loss of your job on a regular basis which they try to justify by telling you that's how a careful and loyal worker is sifted out from the weak. Which means that they will either fire or force the others to leave. Very very high pressure put on you at all times from seniors, intense pressure that is not the norm or case at 95% of other agencies or companies. A lot of pressure to stay and work late and asked to even work on weekends often. Management and in particular one from the 'digital' side are very full of themselves and rule with fear which they falsely perceive as 'encouragement'. They are effectively the reason for recruitment as a whole getting a bad rep. This office and company personifies EVERYTHING that is wrong with the typical fire at will, wolf of wall street, no class, cowboy types of company out there. Honestly just horrid to work for. with long hours, far too much pressure in the form of being threatened with your job on a regular basis. People are either leaving or being fired on a daily if not weekly basis. Seriously avoid at all costs."

Former Employee - Recruitment Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for more than a year Cons: You will be praised behind closed doors, and humiliated in front of the whole office if you don't meet ridiculously high expectations that do not apply to a precious few. Performance reviews are a sham and management will purposely understate/falsify your KPI's to 1) keep you from being promoted i.e. giving you a raise 2) make you work harder to squeeze every last penny out of you Commission structure is terrible and takes awfully long to come through."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Gravitas Recruitment full-time for less than a year Cons: The role is not what you sign up for. - OTE is not possible in your first year. - The expectation to work ridiculous hours - The constant comments and bullying from your manager if you do not arrive 2 hours early and leave 2 hours late everyday. It's almost like a competition who can stay the latest even if they have no work to do. - It is all about quantity and and not quality. If you work efficiently and do well it doesn't matter. It's all about who makes the most cold calls and is in the office the longest. - You are forced to pitch made up job specs to clients to get them to come in for an interview for a job that does not exist. Your job is to them use a list of carefully worded questions and tactics to try and find out their managers names. Your manager will them contact the candidates existing manager to inform them someone is looking to leave their business and then offers to replace them. Your manager then takes all of the commission. This is wrong in so many ways and feels like selling your soul. When you ask about what to say to the candidate you interviewed you are just told to forget about them. How is this sustainable? - They advertise social events for the best performers. Here the managers take cocaine and later head back to the office with the female graduates. - Every Tuesday morning someone is randomly selected to give a 15 minutes power presentation to motivate everyone. They are awful and feel like an attempt at brainwashing you. - I started with 6 other people. No one was left after 6 months. Half the office left whilst I was there. They interview about 50 people a week to work there. Staff turnover is unbelievable and people do not always get paid what they are owed."

C Anderson says

"Offensive business practices. This is the 3rd time I've spoken with them, each time they tried to get me to tell them which other companies I was working with. Zoe is ok to work with but others I have dealt with there are timewasters who often have no intention of putting your cv in front of the client, if there even is one. They just want your contacts. Complete fakes, don't work with them."

John Asbury says

"They are incredibly rude over the phone, they talk over you and ignore all your responses. I am not looking for work, and yet, they contacted me multiple times in a short space of time, about the same role. It is truly a wonder they have any candidates at all."

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